About Ethan Okamura

Ethan Okamura was born and raised, and continues to live in the small beach town of Bolinas, California.  Bolinas is a hidden gem located along the coast in Marin County; a beautiful and sleepy enclave for artists and nature-lovers.  It’s an ideal place that allows Ethan to explore the unique way in which he captures natural beauty through photographic images.

Having lived on or near the ocean his entire life, Ethan is inspired by the ephemeral and spontaneous nature of water. “I find that water is immediately accessible and relatable to everyone. It is life-giving, life-sustaining, and life-affirming.  It is inherently powerful the way water makes it obvious that each moment you capture is a completely unique event that has never happened before, and will never happen again.”   

These photos offer us a completely different perspective that is not only whimsical, but also a healthy reminder to keep our minds open.  “I’m mostly interested in relatively small events, as I find they create an unusual perspective that provokes curiosity. My favorite images tend to be the ones that skew the size perspective where you can’t tell, at least upon first glance, how large or small the event actually is.”  Throughout the images Ethan exhibits, he hopes the viewer will appreciate this connection and be affected in a similar manner.

Ethan grew up in an impressive artistic household. His father, Arthur Okamura, was a successful artist (his work is in the permanent collections at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., the Whitney Museum in New York, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), and his mother was a very talented classical pianist.  The sounds of Scarlatti and Bach and the smell of turpentine were constants throughout his childhood. It was this influence that has guided and continues to drive his artistic endeavors. 

Ethan graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara with a major in Music.